Psyched out by class schedules

Last night, I found out that one of my classes is not going to be what I had hoped it would be.  So I was then fretting over what other class to take.  In a bout of craziness and lack of logic, I dropped a course for which I had heard good reviews before checking how full it was, then added an entirely different course that I’m not sure I really want to take.  After re-reading (yes – I had read them before) the positive reviews of the course I had just dropped, I tried to re-add it…but it’s full.

So now, after having gotten an initial registration appointment very, very early during the week to sign up for classes, I find myself potentially locked out of one of the classes I had intended to take.  A class that was part of my “plan,” that was about as compelling as any other class I was considering, and was, finally, from a teacher that is supposed to be a bit harder, but in a challenging way, rather than a “just to be difficult” way.

Stupid move.

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