In Memoriam

When I think of people I know, I always take note of the expression on the face that I see in my head.  Some people are smiling, some laughing, some serious, etc.  None of those expressions are better or worse than the other.  For instance, someone whom I remember as serious might just be a determined person who takes his or her job and life seriously.  Not necessarily cold or distant.  Just serious.

A friend of mine – I worked with him, but he was a friend – passed away this Thanksgiving weekend.  Whenever I think of him, I see a laughing, smiling face.  

Here’s to you, my friend.  I hope that you are still smiling.

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  1. dtdiggs

    “Whenever I think of him, I see a laughing, smiling face.” What a wonderful epitaph.

  2. Christine

    It’s sad to say that it takes the passing of one friend for you to realize how important others are you. As Rob and I left the funeral we both agreed that we need to make a more concerted effort to spend quality time with the ones we love and not to get so mired down in the daily grind. Let’s make plans to get together soon … I know Casey’s schedule is up in the air, and the holidays are upon us but we’d love to see and spend some quality time with you both. –Christine

  3. kaiyen (Post author)

    I think it’s the time thing that struck me the hardest. I’ve visited Stanford far too rarely since I changed jobs (it’s sad, but it’s easy to see it as far away when I currently can walk to work). I know that I saw Sonny when I was last there but that was too long ago. And a phone conversation is always hard because it’s hard to hide the shock without the context of facial expressions. So it seemed like it had been so long and…the news just hit me like a truck carrying a heavy load.

    Yes, see you soon.

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