climbing vines

climbing vines

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I have a few new goals this year, photographically (other than just trying to have more fun with it). The first is to carry a camera with me everyday. This is not a “photo a day” project, because I won’t get something every day that I like. But I want to always have something with me. And I want to mix up the cameras, too. Film, digital, point-n-shoot, pro SLR, etc.

The other is to post something to my blog everyday from my photo collection. The photos make me reflect on why I took them, what I was thinking at the time, and other aspects, so it’s a good way to keep me going.

However, this poses a challenge – I don’t want my blog to become a photo-dominant one. So I’ll have to try and be actively posting other items as well. Which really isn’t a problem consider all the crazy news out there (just saw something on Obama’s pitch of his stimulus package that is worth a post, I think), but I will have to be dedicated.

Anyway…this is a pillar at the entrance to Santa Clara University. I have it geotagged so you can see exactly where. I shot this specifically to convert to black and white. The combination of colors were not so great and I realized that the lines and chaos of the vines and branches might work better in black and white tones than in color. I’m not saying that I’m a master at “seeing” in black and white, but I think that my initial education in that medium (film, specifically), has helped me to visualize in tones and I think it worked here.

Not a great photo, but it’s about how I was thinking when I took it.

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  1. Debbie

    Interesting photo! I am learning to appreciate B&W more fully, but it’s a s.l.o.w. process.

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