General rant

This is a general rant based on a conversation where, to be honest, I was a jerk because I took the below comments too far.  But having said that…

  • If someone mentions something in IM, even in passing, I’m allowed to react to that.  We’re allowed to do that in conversation in general right, unless they qualify with a “this is just a random question” or something?
  • I don’t believe I have to know exactly what it is that an office does to have opinions on the management style of those in that office.  
  • Management and leadership have certain qualities that transcend things, and apply to many topics regardless of actual day to day activities.  For instance, managing growth vs. having people do the jobs of 2-3 positions is not dependent on the tasks being done (well, other than getting the space shuttle landed when people get sick or something, I guess).
  • If a company is growing too fast, then it should grow slower. Still grow, and expectations should be managed, but slow down or people burn out.
  • Until a company moves into a new building to enable growth, then they haven’t moved in yet.  Proof is in the pudding.

Finally, if someone wants to make a flippant, random complaint about something and specifically not want any response, they should tell me so.  I’m allowed to my opinions and to state them unless I’m told to keep my mouth shut.

This has nothing to do with work, by the way, lest someone from SCU be reading this…

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  1. Debbie

    Uh oh…bad day at work? (-:

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