Cruising under the Bay Bridge

Cruising under the Bay Bridge

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I don’t think I’ve ever blogged this photo. This was on the 2nd day I had my Nikon D300, which I still consider to be best non-FX digital SLR ever made. I honestly don’t know what they’d do in a D400, for instance, to make it better.

I was photographing a wedding that was taking place on a boat, cruising off of Alameda island. The sky was…stunning, the bridge was perfectly hiding the sun so it wasn’t going to flare and, with just a touch of correction to make the towers straight, this is what I got.

It was a beautiful day, I had the right tools in my hand, and this is one of my most favorite photos. It’s the wallpaper on the laptop I am using to type this, and on my blackberry. I opted for one of Morro Bay for my desktop machine at home. Had to mix it up a bit.

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  1. Debbie

    Not only all that, but the CLOUDS are amazing, too! You’ve got the bridge doing the rule of 3rd thing as well. Nice eye, amazing execution. Well done!

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