clouds ablaze over Bangkok Old City

This will be the first of several, several posts of photos from my Thailand trip. This blog will likely turn into 75% photos for the next few weeks, with sprinklings or links to articles like I often do and then a few actual, personal, original posts.

We had this terrific hotel right on the river, on the Thon Buri (west) side of the Chao Praya river that runs along side the main part of Bangkok. It is called the Ibrik (eye-breek) Resort on the River. 3 rooms, 2 with patios with incredible views. Highly recommended.

With the time change, we had no problem waking up really early and often caught tremendous sunrises. This one just blew us away, and it’s difficult not to post about 50 photos from it and the following days. This is the very first morning we were there, right from our patio.

The skyline is of Old City in Bangkok – where the temples (wats) and the Grand Palace is. We were facing that from our side of the river. Storms were always just about to reach us so there were always clouds to help with the magnificent reds and oranges and yellows. The river made for a nice foreground, of course.

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