Biz School @ 2 Years: Hitting the Wall?

I think I may have hit the wall after 2 years in the evening MBA program at Santa Clara University. 

Bear in mind that, as an evening program I, like many of my classmates, work all day long, then go to 1.5-3 hours of classes at night.  Generally we either go for 1.5 hours 4 nights a week or 3 hours 2 nights a week.  We then do homework on the nights in between and I generally dedicate one whole weekend day to make sure I get everything done.  I juggle a lot of things.

I started the program Spring 2007 so I am literally 2 years in.  I am just about finished, as well.  I decided to wait a bit to maximize my odds of taking the final class, dubbed Capstone, along with a group of people that would make a good team.  

For some reason, I am struggling far more this quarter than in previous ones.  Below 70% on one midterm (though exam percentage for the class is cumulative over 3 tests), about 80% on the true midterm (25% of grade) in my other class.  In both cases, I clearly knew the material but just didn’t focus enough on the test.  That’s a sign of being lazy and/or getting tired.  

I know it’s difficult to work and go to school (and run a business).  But I have handled it so far so I’m a bit surprised.  And while there is a part of me that is frustrated at not excelling, I am now worried about getting dual low-B’s…which means I need to be worried about the possibility of C’s.  

Hopefully things will pick back up in the Summer, when I take only one class, and then in the Fall when I’m hopefully rejuvenated from the Summer break.  But that’s a hope.

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  1. Debbie S.

    Been there! I was working full time, newly married, directing my church choir, and going to school for my MBA part-time for 3 years at Case Western Reserve (a one hour drive one way from my house). I had never been a 4.0 student, but decided I wanted to try for that with my MBA program, so that meant even more “above and beyond” to meet that goal.

    My advice: you MUST force yourself to keep on track and DON’T STOP. Keep the goal in mind and you WILL get done and you WILL be happy you did it!

    Drop any extra activities you can, take some sick or personal days to study or recoup if you must, and push through. Oh, and plan something super fantastic to do when you are done! My husband and I planned a one month trip to Europe for the summer I finished (he had the fall semester to complete yet). It was his first trip abroad and we had a blast!

    Just hang in there – and keep us posted!

  2. kaiyen (Post author)

    Thanks Debbie. Much needed encouragement. I think the decrease in my photography business activity due to the recession is a blessing in disguise…

  3. Doh

    Like Debbie, I’ve been there. This is my last quarter, so I do see the end of the tunnel, and so will you. Full time job + new born + MBA. It’s been tough.

    Debbie has a very good advice–cutting back on activities. You will get your social life back!

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