Building the Syndication Bus: Plugin Ingredients at bavatuesdays

Building the Syndication Bus: Plugin Ingredients at bavatuesdays.

I read Jim Groom’s blog on a semi-regular basis.  At the least, I always read the headers and take a quick glance via Google Reader.  

He has been working on a rather larger WordPress Multi-User (WP MU) project for a while now.  I’ve messed around with MU but haven’t had a good reason to implement it yet, but have been following his efforts.

Not only is it a pretty interesting project (though you have to read a lot of posts to really get a feel for it), but this particular post has links to some of the best RSS feed plugins for WP.  I use most of them myself, though I don’t have a multiple-author blog – otherwise that would be quite a nice feature.

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  1. Jim

    Yeah, I agree there are too many posts to sort through to get at the meat of this idea, so I am currently writing one larger tutorial/document that will take people through the whole process step-by-step. Hopefully this will cut down on all my noise 🙂

  2. kaiyen (Post author)

    I was actually thinking, as I posted, that it would be great if you had a digest/summary. But then it would sound like I was telling you what to do (and I know you track pingbacks and didn’t want to insult you :-).

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