The mindset of the Class of 2013 « Feral Librarian

The mindset of the Class of 2013 « Feral Librarian.

I worked with Chris, the “owner” of Feral Librarian, for a number of years.  Closely for perhaps the last 2 years at Stanford.  She is a very intelligent person with great insights on a number of topics.  Yes, she’s a librarian, but she sees the bigger picture quite well.  That’s a rare combination – specialization and competency in one focused discipline and the ability to look at a much broader scope.

This post is notable for a lot of reasons.  First, check out the full list from Beloit College.  Second, note that even I was surprised with #34 – [Today’s students] have always been able to read books on an electronic screen.

Always?  That’s a long ways from “usually” or “often.”  Wow.

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  1. Chris Bourg

    Thanks for the link and the very kind comments Allan! Right back atcha on admiration for your big picture thinking!

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