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TiVo Wins Round 2 Against EchoStar – BusinessWeek

TiVo Wins Round 2 Against EchoStar – BusinessWeek.

Considering all that TiVo has done wrong in trying to build up its subscriber base (I mean, it’s a great service, but they never really reacted to DVR’s from Comcast and other cable providers, etc, and that market just went away…), it’s great to know that they have been successful in defending their idea.

And seriously, EchoStar should just suck it up like they did before and pay a licensing fee to TiVo.  They get all of these other perks of the TiVo service, too. You lose the original case and an appeal, along with $209 million?  Sheesh.

Maybe we should run our servers on Tivo Series 1 boxes

So after 7 years of nearly continuous uptime, with not a single soft reset that entire time, the primary hard drive in my original, series 1 Tivo is beginning to fail.  It’s possible the add-on drive, which is a mere 6.5 years old, is dying, too.  

The drive in our TivoHD lasted 13 months (with, of course, a 12 month warranty and no sympathy).  

7 years.  That’s ridiculous.