soft towards the light

soft towards the light

Originally uploaded by kaiyen

One of the standard guidelines for composition is the “rule of thirds.” Basically, you divide the frame into thirds, both vertically and horizontally. You then place the subject at one of the intersecting points. This helps you to think about composition other than the middle of the frame, and to fill it more with the subject.

I often go with like a rule of fifths, where I put something even closer to an edge. Another composition method I’ve been using is to have more empty space than not. This one is actually closer to the rule of thirds but I used the big, empty sky which has this subtle yet smooth and rich blue to offset the foliage in the foreground.

Sometimes I don’t think I have a style. That I’m just a mishmash “snapper” that just snaps often enough to get a good photo now and then. And maybe I am. But maybe I do put at least some thought into it. Sometimes.

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