train tracks

train tracks

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I have finally been able to scan some of my large format – 5×7 – negatives of late, as whole, single-pass scans, rather than trying to merge two partials together. This is of course a crop, as there was a lot of useless dirt material in the foreground. And I went with a very heavy hand on contrast. But I really like the two lines converging together and the detail in the 100% image – which is 2GB, btw – is incredible. 5×7 truly is a great format, and I fully intend to put together a show at some point where it’s all contact prints of 5×7’s and/or straight slides. I just got a box of 5×7 slides and I intend to go out tomorrow for some shooting. I am very excited.

Photography has become fun for me again, and that means a lot.

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