allan’s top 5 MBA courses @ LSB

The post title is formatted for Twitter :-).  These are my picks, thus far, for the top 5, “must take” elective courses at the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University.  I’ll detail them more later but let’s get this list put together.

  1. Management 516 – Organization Politics, Professor Dennis Moberg
  2. Management 524 – Managing Technology and Innovation, Professor Del Mank
  3. IDIS 696 – Social Benefit Entrepreneurship, Professor Eric Carlson
  4. Management 512 – Psychology of Leadership, Professor Cheryl Shavers
  5. Management 703 (1 unit) – The Balanced Scorecard, Professor Leidecker*

* – I really enjoyed and got a lot out of this class, but I’m not sure I’m really ready to put a 1 unit course on here.  I have a few more electives that I’ll be doing over the next few quarters and I think number 5 will change (actually, take a look at Econ 466, which I’m taking now).  But those top 4 are solid.

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