the oppression of the iPhone

Here at Educause 2009 in Denver, I’m finding myself once again feeling left out because I don’t have an iPhone.  An application with all of the program information (you don’t have to pick up one of the paper booklets, perhaps) is available, and everyone I talk to just keeps asking me if I have an iPhone.

No, I don’t, and I don’t think I should keep getting left out even by Eduause, of all groups, because of it.

Please note that I in no way think that Educause is doing this purposely – the iPhone is an extremely common platform and it makes a tremendous amount of sense to build an app for that.  And I have yet to run into anyone that has asked me “do you have an iPhone?” or “are you using the iPhone app?” that has had a hint of judgment upon hearing my answer.

But there is an almost oppressive emphasis on using the iPhone at this conference.

I mean, I can use twitter (search, post, etc – va uberTwitter), post to facebook, tag people in photos, etc with my Blackberry.  If mine had a camera (it’s a “business” model), then I could even doing twitpic, too.  Or post to FB’s mobile uploads.  I am more connected to my university’s systems with my Blackberry than I ever could be with an iPhone (due to our infrastructure).

So why I do feel diminished in some way here, at this great sharing of knowledge and ideas, because I don’t have a particular phone?


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  1. scott

    will you hate me for asking *why* you don’t have an iPhone? 🙂

  2. kaiyen (Post author)

    naw – ATT reception at work and home is _horrible_. otherwise I’d probably have one (though I have issues with them in general, they sure are nice devices for now). But I feel inundated with them and questions about them right now…

  3. Tec

    Ask work to pay for it.:) Make sure to avoid the edge based iPhone as it’s much slower than the 3g ones.

  4. kaiyen (Post author)

    well, if “work” paid for it then that’s the same as my paying for it – it’s my own budget. And where would I even find an EDGE one…? That’s 1st gen, yes? I will likely get the Droid when it comes out.

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