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I’m heading out on a trip along the Oregon coast very soon and have been trying to make sure my GPS can find all of the hotels we’ve booked.  The problem is that many of them are just addresses along the highway.  That’s probably fine, but I know that, for instance, in Big Sur, there are addresses like “100 Highway 1” that won’t work at all.

Coordinates, however, are supported by my GPS.  But google maps does not convert the indicated address location into coordinates.  Or at least it doesn’t do so in an obvious way.

It turns out that if you select the link option after mapping a place, embedded in that link are the coordinates, though they aren’t formatted correctly and will likely need a bit of testing to make sure they’re right.  Rather frustrating and I think a bad feature to omit, but I guess I should be happy there is a workaround at all.

More google thoughts later…

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  1. Melissa

    Are you talking about lat/long? I think Mapquest used to have a feature that would calculate that. If you’re just looking to write them down ahead of time, you don’t need to stick with Google Maps, right?

    Have a great time! I had planned to drive up through the Willamette Valley when I drove out west, but we had to change our plans so we only got up the California coast before we had to turn east again. It’s a great time of year for berries and Oregon is a great place to get them.

  2. kaiyen (Post author)

    yes, lat/long. I can program that into my particular GPS (TomTom) so if it has some obscure address it can still find it by way of the coordinates.

    So far, the drive up was beautiful. Fog rolled in but it is Oregon 🙂

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