Oregon Coast Road Trip

For the last 5 days and for 3 more, my wife and I have been traveling up the Oregon Coast by car.  It has been our most impromptu vacation ever, by far.  She is a nurse, and managed to work out a long chunk of time between shifts with a bit of creative rescheduling.  But that was just 2.5 weeks or so ago.  Yet here we are (also thanks to a very understanding manager of mine), currently in Depoe Bay, where the sounds of waves crashing against rocks just 40 feet away and 20 feet below lulled me to sleep, and, in conjunction with the rising sun, has given me a peaceful morning.

Hopefully, I’ll be writing a series of reviews on the trip on this blog.  While researching, I found lots of opinions, but all seemed to be missing some details, deviated from books that people mentioned as useful from their own experiences, or were at odds with what the local residents stated.  This confused me.  I believe in getting the opinion of the local inn or hotel keeper about restaurants, etc, and I depend on guide books to help me find the right locations.  And the kindness of others out there to tell me what is really worthwhile during an 8 day trip, as many has does this exact same itinerary in the past.  So maybe I can fill things in a bit.  We’ll see.

The trip started out with a 7 hour drive straight to Brookings, where we essentially just wanted to stay the night but actually had a bit of time to enjoy the sunset.  Then onto 2 nights at Bandon, a night each in Yachats and Depoe Bay, then finishing with 2 in Pacific City.  I’ll start with Brookings in the next post, hopefully to be written tonight.

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