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How To Lose a Job Via Facebook In 140 Characters or Less | Applicant – Job Tips And Advice

How To Lose a Job Via Facebook In 140 Characters or Less | Applicant – Job Tips And Advice.

With every question in my head about whether to have this person or that person as a friend on Facebook, I think about the possibility of something like this happening.  Not that I post anything quite this emotional on FB, but who knows what would happen if I really got worn out and let my compulsions get the best of me.  Even for one comment.

Then again, the concept of “cyber-nudity” – letting one’s self just be out there, accepting the fact that everyone can see what you say, feel, write…I don’t think that’s all bad, either.

can a shape be green?

I was staring at the box of 24 or however many bottles of Arrowhead water we recently bought at Costco while eating my morning yogurt, and noticed the big graphic that said:

“Eco-Shape!  Less Plastic, Better for the Environment.”

This struck me as very intriguing.

  1. Can a shape be eco-friendly?  Does it fit better into recycling bins?  Does it take up less room in landfills?
  2. Do bottles with more plastic take more…energy to recycle?

First, if the point is that it takes up less room in landfills, then Arrowhead has some dark development and marketing teams.  If it takes more energy to recycle a thicker plastic bottle than a thin one…I think maybe that needs to be addressed.  We’ve been recycling plastic for decades now and it turns out that we could have saved energy all along just by making bottles with thinner walls??

Hospital Sink, Alcatraz

Hospital Sink, Alcatraz

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I’m surprised I haven’t blogged about this before. Or, if I did and just can’t seem to find it while searching on my blog…well, it deserves a second post :-).

While walking around in the usually-off-limits Hospital section of Alcatraz, I came upon a number of worn out, beat up rooms that used to be for medical treatments, examinations, etc. This particular one had this sink, all rusted over, along with a now-mirror-less medicine cabinet.

When it comes to photos I have taken of abandoned, run-down locations, this is by far my favorite. This photo conveys exactly the feeling I wanted – worn out, the peeling paint, the slightly ajar medicine cabinet door, even the old plug in the corner (so the right side of the frame isn’t entirely empty). It feels abandoned, a place left behind a long time ago. Not just in disuse but in disrepair. No one cares about that sink anymore.

Technically, it also has a nice range of tones, I think, and is a very sharp negative.